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Anonymous asked
Q: I'm sorry, but the answer/confession about Tamsin following Bo into Lauren's apartment because she's in love with her doesn't make any sense at all ...

Let’s be real here, the original confession was a complaint not a confession that I was tempted to not make in the first place, so any speculating as to why she followed her in or not can be left to the show’s writers from here on out.  That being said, this blog isn’t a place for a shipping war between Team Lauren and Team Tamsin. Confessions need to be kept to confessions. I’ve already deleted a few that were obviously trying to start shit, because that isn’t the point of this blog and it’s a large reason I closed it originally. 

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679. “Tamsin sees both sides of Bo, the succubus and the human— something that none of her past partners have ever truly accomplished.

678. “Lauren spybanged Bo, didn’t mention Coma Girlfriend and Bo was only late for her award ceremony because she had no choice. The break-up made me understand Lauren less.

677. “I can’t understand how anyone can dislike Bo even a little. It gives me embarrassing fits of rage in my head.

676. “I kind of really hate the way Lauren treats everyone, especially Bo and Kenzi.

675. “Lauren was so in love with Bo that she didn’t even bother to talk to her about her feelings before dumping her.

674. “I think Lauren was a terrible girlfriend to Bo.

673. “Lauren should turn into a BadAss!Fae in season 4.

672. “I want Lauren to fall in love with someone who actually deserves her in the upcoming season.

671. “I know people are gonna hate me now, but I want Tamsin to go away and never come back.